WordPress-Page display image side by side

Table of Contents:

1 Purpose of document
2 Prerequisites
3 Install and activate WordPress plugins “Elementor Page Builder”
3.1 Login to WordPress admin console and install plugin
3.2 Activate installed plugin
4 Build your Page and Publish
4.1 Insert Section
4.2 Insert Image
4.3 Add Custom URL
4.4 Publish
5 Conclusion
6 End of Document

WordPress page dispaly image side by side and custom link to Image

1 Purpose of document

  1. Post images side by side in your Post/ Page.
  2. Set Custom URL on image. (Once click on image re-direct to your another URL/Page/Post)

2 Prerequisites

  • WordPress plugin “Elementor Page Builder”

3 Install and activate WordPress plugins “Elementor Page Builder”

3.1  Login to WordPress admin console and install plugin

Login to wordpress admin console ex : https://nsitautomation.in/wp-admin => Plugins => Add New =>

Search for Elementor => Install Now

3.2  Activate installed plugin

Once plugin installed => Click on “Activate”

4 Build your Page and Publish

Build your Page with side by side image and set custom URL

Provide the Page Name and click on “Edit with Elementor

4.1       Insert Section
4.2       Insert Image

You can upload image or can select image from your existing “Media Library”

4.3       Add Custom URL
4.4       Publish

Follow same for other boxes, and publish. You are done.

5  Conclusion

On your Page/ Post now you can see image side by side and once click on the images, it re-direct to provided link. Hurray !

6  End of Document

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