Tips and Tricks-Azure VM reset Administrator Credential without login to VM

Purpose of this document is to explain how to re-set local administrator credential of Azure VM.


  1. Purpose
  2. SCOPE
  3. Re-set Local Administrator password of Azure VM
    3.1 User list before any activity
    3.2 Reset Local administrator password from Azure Portal
    3.3 User list after
  4. Connect the VM with new credential
  5. How to reset Local Administrator password from PowerShell
  6. End of Document

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Azure VNET to VNET Peering

1 Purpose of document
2 Create resource group for Virtual Network (VNET)
3 Create Virtual Network (VNET)
4 Create Network Security Group(NSG)
5 Assign NSG’s to Subnet’s
6 Add Inbound rule in NSG
7 Create VM’s in both RG’s
8 Connect both VM’s and allow Ping in Windows Firewall
9 VNET to VNET Peering
10 VNET Peering status
11 Connection established between VM’s (Check ping response)
12 End of Document

Azure Create VPN – Site to Site

Table of Contents
Scenario: Connect two Azure Tenants via Site to Site VPN


  1. Create Resource Group: NIRAJ1-RG1
  2. Create Virtual Network : NIRAJ1-VNET
  3. Create Gateway Subnet:
  4. Create Virtual Network Gateway NEERAJ1-GW1
  5. Create Local Network Gateway : Network-NEERAJ2 in Azure tenant 1
  6. Create Connection: Connect_To_NEERAJ2
  7. Verification: Once Azure Tenant 2 Connection configured status will change to Connected.
  8. Create VM with public IP
  9. Connect (Azure Site2) VM NEERAJ2VM1 from (Azure Site1) VM NEERAJ1VM1


  1. Create Resource Group: NIRAJ2-RG1
  2. Create Virtual Network: NIRAJ2-VNET1
  3. Create SubnetGateway:
  4. Create Virtual Network Gateway
  5. Create Local Network Gateway : Network-NEERAJ1 in Azure tenant 2
  6. Create Connection: Connect_To_NEERAJ1
  7. Verification: Once configured correctly status will change to “Connected”
  8. Create VM with public IP
  9. Connect to (Azure Site1) VM NEERAJ1VM1 from (Azure Site1) VM NEERAJ2VM1

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