Azure Basic Chapter 2: Create custom Azure Active Directory

Table of Contents

  1. Purpose of document
  2. Pre-requests
  3. Azure AD
  4. Default Azure Active Directory
  5. Create your own Azure AD
  6. Connect to your Azure Directory
  7. Conclusion
  8. End of Document

Create Azure Active Directory / Tenant

1. Introduction

Purpose of this document is to explain how to build your Azure Active Directory. Azure AD is also called Directory/ tenant.

2. Pr-requests

Require email address to create Azure AD/ tenant.

3. Azure AD

For basic understanding about Azure AD, see URL

Azure Active DirectoryAAD/ Azure AD/ Tenant/ Directory

4. Default Azure Active Directory

By Default Azure creates default Azure Active Directory with the name of your email address (For ex: If you Sign Up on Azure portal with email ID it will create the Azure AD as “”

By default Azure creates any directory with suffix “”. (Ex: “”) which can’t be modified.

Go get you free Azure AD at Azure Portal and have a look and feel of Azure AD. For Azure Free version does not require credit card. Credit card comes in picture once you want to create Resources like (Resource Group, VM, Storage Account, network etc). To create these objects you need Subscription which will require credit card.

5. Create your own Azure AD

Create new Directory mean creation of new Tenant.

Select Directory type.

Provide the Organization name, initial domain name, country.

Your own directory is ready.

5. Connect to your Azure Directory

Switch to new Azure Active Directory.

Select Newly created Azure AD

Now you are in to your Custom Azure Active Directory.

Your Azure AD is ready as per your Company name/ naming standard.

6. Conclusion

In this chapter you understand how to create your Custom Azure Active Directory/ Azure Tenant.

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7. End of Document

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